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Contractors are an essential part of the UK workforce. With this in mind Bailey & Associates offers a range of accountancy services to help professionals in this key group.
Once we've carried out a free assessment of your situation we will be able to advise you on your best course of action. Unlike some firms offering only one product, we are a full-service accountancy firm offering a broad range of services. We can therefore give you balanced advice on what best suits your circumstances, and we'll review the situation regularly to ensure you remain in the right product if your circumstances change.
Based on our experience, contractors and freelancers are most interested in the services listed below:
Limited Company Services
Following our advice you may decide that the Limited Company route is best for you. We provide a 1 working day Company formation service, and will also be able to register your firm for VAT if required. At the end of the year we'll complete your company's payroll paperwork, year-end Accounts and Tax Return, and your Personal Tax Return if needed. With our help you'll be free to focus 100% on your business, safe in the knowledge that you're complying fully with the various company and tax laws.
Self-Employment Services
In some circumstances you may be better off becoming self-employed. If so we will help you with the set-up process, and will prepare your end-of-year Accounts and Tax Return. We will also assist you with the National Insurance implications, and provide advice on any other matters that may help to reduce your tax bill.
IR35 Status Reviews
The IR35 regulations can have a profound impact on the way you operate and how you are taxed. IR35 introduced the concept of "deemed employment", which is a situation in which PAYE tax must be applied even if you are being paid for the work via your own limited company. Bailey & Associates can provide you with advice on IR35, and can review your contracts to determine your IR35 employment status. If necessary, we can also administer the PAYE tax required in a deemed employment situation.
We will run you through the rules of VAT registration, and explain the pros and cons of being VAT registered. We can register you for VAT if needed, and move you on to the Flat-Rate VAT Scheme if this best suits your circumstances.
Please call Bailey & Associates on 0845 094 9470 to discuss any of these services.

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